601014 karat white gold circle diamond pendant$630.00
P318914 karat white gold halo .59 carat diamond pendant-halo diamonds .46 carat total weight$3094.00
1000114 karat white gold opal and diamond pendant$867.00
30677814 karat white gold green tourmaline pendant $374.00
22514 karat white gold diamond pendant $570.00
P1034CK14 karat white gold garnet and diamond pendant$503.00
8691314 karat white gold fancy cut peridot and diamond pendant$1870.00
1A75W14 karat white gold 1.00 carat marquise diamond pendant $2040.00
6825sterling and cubic zirconia pendant$29.95
PNDT621214 karat white gold yellow sapphire briolette pendant with an 18" chain$675.00
PNDT621314 karat white gold cognac quartz pendant with an 18" chain$110.00
PNDT601514 karat white gold ruby and diamond pendant with an 18" chain$1495.00
PNDT6223Sterling silver princess cut orange sapphire pendant with an 18" chain$52.00
112719-714 karat rose gold heart shaped citrine pendant$199.00
112719-614 karat white gold checker board top garnet and diamond pendant$261.00
112719 14 karat white gold Peruvian opal and diamond pendant$1147.00
112719-114 karat white gold free form opal and diamond pendant $1023.00
P855CL-A14 karat white gold amethyst and diamond pendant with chain$275.00
27N43540WG14 karat white gold diamond necklace-total weight 1.48 carat$2,431.00
PNDT610114 karat white gold trillion pink tourmaline with diamond accent with an 18" chain$560.00
PNDT675914 karat white 1.48 carat emerald cut aquamarine pendant with an 18" chain$300.00
PNDT675414 karat white .42 carat total weight diamond pendant with an 18" chain$560.00
PNDT675614 karat white .59 carat total weight diamond pendant with an 18" chain$900.00
PNDT620814 karat white gold princess cut diamond pendant with an 18" chain$900.00
PNDT600114 karat white gold "very fine" blue sapphire and diamond pendant with an 18" chain$2,600.00
PNDT670214 karat white gold hexagon citrine pendant with an 18" chain$155.00
PNDT675314 karat rose pear shaped pink tourmaline pendant with an 18" chain$350.00
PNDT651414 karat white gold cultured pearl and diamond pendant with an 18" chain$1,475.00
PNDT970318 karat white gold leaf style diamond pendant with an 18" chain$2,295.00
PNDT970218 karat white gold oval style diamond pendant with an 18" chain$1,720.00
PNDT970214 karat white and yellow gold "washer" diamond pendants with an 18" chainPrices from $175.00 to $550.00

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