Repairing jewelry for over 35 years

Jayandee Services (sometimes thought of as J&D Services) is the jewelry repair shop with all the answers for your repair and custom needs. After over 35 years of working in the jewelry repair industry, our shop can handle most any jewelry and watch repair, custom manufacturing requests, and have an extensive availability of diamonds and hard to find stones to easily fit your needs. We work with most items other repair shops won’t such as Sterling Silver, invisible settings, and difficult sizings.

Our Goal

It is Jayandee Service’s goal to provide you with quality and quick turnaround to help you serve your customers needs while remaining competitive within the jewelry industry. Here you will find a history about the company, a list of repair services, a view into the custom manufacturing process, and a list of stones and diamonds we can offer to you. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will probably do it, have it, or can find the means to get the job done right and quickly!

Recent Updates

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