Posted on May 31st, 2012 · Posted in Jewelery Care/Maintenance

Purchasing a strand of pearls can be a major investment and will hopefully become an heirloom piece for generations.


Once you have a strand of pearls, how do you care for them?

What needs to be done to ensure the lasting beauty of the strand?

And, what is the difference between a knotted strand and an unknotted strand?


The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them…  With that being said there are some exceptions.  Pearls, like most jewelry, should be the last thing you put on (after makeup/perfume/lotions).  Also, they should never be worn while swimming or in hot tub as the chemicals will affect the luster of the pearls and weaken the silk thread they are strung on.  They should be the first thing you take off when you get home.  Before you place in your jewelry box, the pearls should be wiped with a soft lint free cloth.  Never use heavy soaps to clean your pearls.  They should lay flat in your jewelry box, away from other items to prevent scratching.  Never hang pearls, as this will cause the silk thread to stretch.  Never store away in an item such as a safe deposit box, as this will dehydrate the pearls and they can crack.


Depending on how often you wear your strand of pearls, affects how often they should be restrung.  If you frequently wear your pearls, you may need to have them restrung as often as once a year.  If you wear them infrequently or only for special occasions, you may only need to have your pearls restrung every couple of years.


Knotted or unknotted…  There are many benefits to having your strand of pearls knotted.  The knot between each pearl gives enough space to help prevent the nacre of the pearls from wearing and chipping on each other.  If by chance your strand of pearls should break, and they are knotted, you only face the chance of losing one pearl.  Whereas an unknotted strand can become quite the chore to pick up and many pearls could be lost.


Like all items of jewelry, a checkup never hurts and we can always clean your strand of pearls for you.